Gormley Memorials is an add-on to our existing Funeral Business. We quickly grew to become well recognised memorial masons carrying out work in Mid-Ulster & throughout Northern Ireland.

As a company, we have been serving the people of Mid-Ulster and surrounding areas for over 175 years. J. A. Gormley Funeral Directors was founded in 1841. From humble beginnings, the company has now grown into what it is today, providing a complete service from the moment of death, right through to the choosing of a memorial.

We are constantly expanding and today are able to offer a wide range of memorial services which makes us one of the leading stone masons and monumental sculptors in the Mid-Ulster area.


Choosing a headstone is not something you do very often, so it is important that you know what to look for. As part of our personal service, we provide a FREE proofing service of your chosen memorial so that you can see how the finished stone will look with your inscription and font. We will work closely with you every step of the way to create a memorial that is specially tailored to reflect and truly commemorate the life of your loved one.


We are fully insured to cover public liability & product liability with a large UK insurance company, should any unforeseen incident occur. Remember if your stone should accidentally fall on someone it may be the responsibility of the person buying the headstone, to ensure they check for valid insurance. We can provide proof of this upon request in person.

"Let us help you choose a memorial that is
every bit as special as they are."